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We are an established UK based Search Engine Optimisation company based in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire. We employ the most up to date and ethical techniques to rank your webpages for your chosen keyphrases. All work undertaken is 100% Google compliant and all content created is unique and not spun. Our linking strategies are natural and will not trigger any Google penalty – and that’s guaranteed.



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All Site Created Content Is 100% Unique


We Only Employ Up To Date SEO Strategies

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Who We Are?

We are an established digital search marketing company that has been in business on the internet since 2005 with more than 15 years collective experience.

What We Do?

Our expertise is ranking websites for keyphrases or as it is more commonly known SEO. We do it well, we do it ethically, in line with Google guidelines and without any risk to you.


Why Choose Us?

We don’t  just talk the talk. Every single one of our clients have achieved position one in Google and other search engines for their desired keywords.

What Will It Cost?

It depends on what keyword you want to rank for, but don’t be put off by the stigma attached to SEO. Contact us and lets chat about what you want to achieve.

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“We live and breathe SEO, it is our passion. We attend webinars, seminars, discussions, meetings all the time regarding anything that is Search Engine Optimisation related. We would NEVER compromise our own websites integrity so why would we do it to yours?”

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15 year’s collective experience in the digital marketing arena

We have over 15 year’s collective experience in the digital marketing arena. We were ranking websites back when simply adding meta keywords still worked! Of course that has all changed now and it is a little bit more challenging than that now.

We were also early pioneers of utilizing the alt image description and image renaming. We won’t use out of date and spammy techniques that are on the verge of being banned by search engines to get your site ranked, it doesn’t work.

We live and breathe SEO

We don’t believe in trying to fool search engines because from our own testing we know these glib theories never work in the long run. We do not and never will outsource any link building overseas. We take full control of all of our SEO clients here in the UK and monitor everything to ensure full control at all times.

We stay right on top of developments in search engine changes so we become pro-active as well as re-active. We get your site right first. Many SEO companies just get straight into a bad linking strategy which isn’t tailored to anyone.

developments in search engine changes

 Some recent clients who we have worked with.


No two websites or desired ranking keywords are the same. So, until we are able to perform an audit of your website and your competition we aren’t able to provide you with an exact price. Ho
wever, we do have packages that are affordable for everyone from small family based businesses with a low budget to enterprise level corporations who need to compete for competitive keywords globally. Regardless of pricing, rest assured that you’ll know the full cost upfront and that the rate we quote you will be rate y ou pay without any extra charges or fees


We are based here in the UK. We have 2 offices  which have been there since around 2005. The first is in St Albans near London and the second is situated in Abingdon, near Oxford.


We ask that you give us 10 weeks to deliver results and 95% of our customers experience results within that time scale. There are sometimes cases where for one reason or another a site takes longer than 10 weeks to rank but this is unlikely to be the case for your business.


We will employ a series of specialist analysis tools that we will apply to your site to find out why it is not ranking. In 99.9% of cases this will highlight some sort of unique “roadblock”. Once we have identifed the problem we will then immediately put in place a plan to overcome it.

Useful SEO Information from our blog and around the web

Google Algorithm Tweaks

Hi Derek here, I’m just noticing a few subtle changes in the algorithm at the moment, so here’s a quick video update with what I think is happening and how you should react. What I forgot to say in the video is do try and get your social content shared, liked, re-pinned etc. Again, this is a measure of popularity in Google’s eyes, so if your content is being shared and liked a lot, it is obviously good content. As I said, this is really a “no-brainer” inidicator of how good your content is for Google. And, here’s the graphic on social media “flow” – this will help you get the best possible engagement on all of your social media... read more

Google Using Artificial Intelligence With RankBrain

Huge news from the world of Google! Yesterday they annouc ed they are now using artificial intelligence as part of the search algorithm. They confirmed the addition of RankBrain to the algo , which uses machine-learning artifical intelligence to enhance the SERPS. Sci-fi just became real! As this is such important news I made a video rather than write it all out – it;s quicker ans easier. So, here it is –... read more

Mobile SEO Factors

It’s official, there are now more searches conducted worldwide, on mobile devices than there are on desktop. The tipping point was reached just a few months back. However, “advanced” countries, like the U.S, Japan and the U.K reached that tipping point in 2014. Consequently, 2015 saw the “Mobilegeddon” Google update which changed the importance of some ranking factors in favour of mobile friendly sites. However, as more information comes to light, it  is now apparent that Google returns different search results on mobile to those which it returns to a desktop search. And, that in turn means there are different ranking factors for each set of SERPS returns. Searchmetrics recently published a report that detailed their findings after an extensive period of research into the differences. If you want the full report (it’s 55 pages long), you can find it by clicking here…and you have to register to receive it. But, if you just want the main points, here are the main takeaways on Mobile SEO from that research. General Mobile Friendliness Generally, the report found that, across all search platforms, mobile friendly sites were being given a preference. The percentage of mobile friendly sites in the top 100 SERPS across all platforms increased from 80 to 90% in the six months to September 2015. The message is simple, your site must now be mobile friendly. If it’s not you are risking your entire SEO strategy and effort. Site Speed I have been talking about site speed for the last 12 months, and now I am able to put 2 and 2 together. I knew site speed was important... read more

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